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  • HIPNet Offers To Issue Payday Loan to Cover Medical Bills joins HIPNet. This is a non-profit healthcare insitution that provides information to strengthen the performance and sustainability of health care programs, organizations, and services around the world. Why this online referral service joins HIPNet? The reason is easy to explain – many people address this service to issue MN payday loan to cover medical […]

  • Are you a HIPNet Tweeter?

    Leah Gordon (@simpleelovelee) tweets–do you? We’re interested in seeing the Venn diagram of HIPNet collaborators and Twitter users. We’re also looking into aggregating various Twitter feeds of interest to HIPNet users. Do you follow @HIP_Net on Twitter? What do you follow? What feeds would provide a rich source for HIPNet inspiration and practical tips? Contact with your Twitter hints!

  • March 2015 HIPNet Meeting Notes

    In summary, HIPNet invited the USAID Chief Data Offer Brandon Pustejovsky, Global Health Informatics Advisor Donna Medeiros, Digital Knowledge Asset Advisor John Liebhardt, USAID Public Affairs Advisor Jane Silcock, and USAID Evaluation Technical Advisor Amani Selim to attend the March 20 HIPNet meeting. We covered the entire data cycle, first starting with data collection and submission according […]

  • Recap and Resources: December 2016 Meeting on Online Publications

    Our last meeting of 2016 brought together the HIPNet community to explore the question of what happens after you post a new publication or resource online. It may be easy to find out how many people are downloading it, but can you determine how many of those people are actually using it, how they are […]

  • Recap and Resources: April HIPNet Meeting on Data Visualization

    Collecting, managing and analyzing data is essential in global health, and as communicators one of our jobs related to data is to design visualizations that effectively communicate the story of the data to our stakeholders. Of course that is often easier said than done. To help the HIPNet community be more intentional and informed with […]

  • September 2015 Meeting Notes

    In summary, the dialogue was rich with a focus on how data and analytics are used to inform tactical course corrections, operations,  and improved digital user experience. We discovered the nature of partnership when communication teams are supplied with compelling information by knowledge management teams at the World Bank. The partnership results in dialogue-opening content […]

  • HIPNet Meeting, September 18, 2015

    Greetings HIPNet! I expect this week’s meeting to be rich following the March 2015 meeting on Open Data. This Friday, September 18, we will dive into data-driven communication. We will be joined by Justin Lawrence of the Feed the Future Knowledge-Driven Agricultural Development Program who share how the project’s M&E system informs communication and content […]

  • 3 Steps to Compliance with USAID ADS 579 – Open Data

    Thank you to Siobhan Green, lead Open Development Data expert at Sonjara, for posting “3 Steps to Compliance with USAID ADS 579” on the HIPNet listserv. Siobhan she helps implementing partners answer the latest questions about how to comply with USAID’s Open Data Policy, as well as use open data for international development goals.

  • 2015 International Conference on Family Planning November 9-12, Nusa Dua, Indonesia

    Join the 2015 ICFP: November 9-12 in Nusa Dua, Indonesia “Global Commitments, Local Actions” This November, join thousands of scientists, policymakers, program implementers, and passionate family planning advocates from all over the world at the 2015 International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) in Nusa Dua, Indonesia. The conference—hosted by the National Population and Family Planning […]

  • Health Network Inventory for Communication

    Request for Information On February 5, 2015, HIPNet member Ryan Worthington (Rabin Martin) inquired whether a list of global health newsletters existed. I then shared with Ryan and the Network that in 2008 HIPNet members developed an inventory of health-related listservs that reach clinicians, practitioners and researchers worldwide. HIPNet members have used the list to […]