Health Network Inventory for Communication

Request for Information

On February 5, 2015, HIPNet member Ryan Worthington (Rabin Martin) inquired whether a list of global health newsletters existed. I then shared with Ryan and the Network that in 2008 HIPNet members developed an inventory of health-related listservs that reach clinicians, practitioners and researchers worldwide. HIPNet members have used the list to share knowledge of new public health research and guidance among networks and communities, and connect people to resources and knowledge sharing events that may be of interest.

Ryan’s request sparked a renewed interest in the inventory that generated nearly 40 requests for the resource by HIPNet members.


The purpose of the inventory is to serve as a resource for communicators who need to reach networks with health information in the form of research, tools and guidance. I shared the inventory with organizational representatives and declined to share it with requestors with personal email addresses such as a yahoo address, as the intent for using the inventory is not immediately apparent. HIPNet’s motivation for maintaining the inventory is not inform networks with goods and services for sale, rather provide helpful, useful, freely available and accessible information. The inventory has been kept private for this purposeful intent. If you would like to request a copy of the inventory, feel free to contact Laura Raney or myself to obtain a copy.

Share and update

As you use the inventory, keep in mind that this it is not exhaustive – there can be more to add. If you are knowledgeable of listservs, e-newsletters, blogs, and websites missing from the inventory and can be useful to HIPNet members, please send them to Laura Raney and I. We will update the file for future use. If you receive a bounce or any sort of out of order message, please let us know that as well.

Neil Pakenham-Walsh joined the conversation sparked by Ryan, by informing the Network of a project he is working on at HIFA that maps communities with a health focus worldwide. This resource helps users find communities that may be of interest and conversations people can contribute to. I encourage us to peruse the resource and join a community that we can learn from. HIFA and HIPNet will join efforts to broaden the inventory and expand the map of communities.

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