About HIPNet

The Health Information and Publications Network (HIPNet) is a mission-driven partnership established in 1989 that addresses a key public health need for access to technical health information and innovative information technologies that strengthen the performance and sustainability of health care programs, organizations, and services around the world.

HIPNet is facilitated voluntarily by co-chairs who plan quarterly meetings and foster collaboration among organizations that produce and disseminate print and electronic information in the field of international health. Through quarterly meetings, an online resource center, an email forum and other activities, HIPNet ensures that member investments in health information materials and technologies are efficient, effective, and widely used.

The network was initially established as the Training Materials Working Group to coordinate production of training materials by Cooperating Agencies at the request of USAID. HIPNet has since evolved its subject-matter and membership as the practice of communicating and sharing evolves. Membership has evolved from predominately publishers, editors, and writers to communication and digital media specialists to knowledge managers – professionals that are responsive to the changes in technology that delivers information and in to demands of the global health development community at-large. Through its evolution, the network joines interdependent and interrelated practices and professions that support communication.

HIPNet is supported by the Office of Population and Reproductive Health at the Bureau for Global Health of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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