September 2015 Meeting Notes

In summary, the dialogue was rich with a focus on how data and analytics are used to inform tactical course corrections, operations,  and improved digital user experience. We discovered the nature of partnership when communication teams are supplied with compelling information by knowledge management teams at the World Bank. The partnership results in dialogue-opening content the Disaster Risk Management team is able to use with its clients. Finally, we were introduced to the visually appealing, human-centered to create a bridge data and results of international development efforts. Pitch guidance is included.

1:00PM – 1:15PM

Welcome and Introductions

1:15PM – 2:00PM

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Content Management

• Justin Lawrence, Assessing and Learning Portfolio Manager, Feed the Future, Knowledge- Driven Agricultural Development Project

·      KDAD’s intermediate results center on content management, engagement, and internal applied learning (based on content and engagement analytics).

·      Klipfolio is used to capture analytics and the interplay between content and user engagement.

·      Analytics are used to inform communication tactics. For example, the site had not received the traffic the team targeted by implementing Twitter chats. In turn the team decided to move conversations from Twitter to forums on the website. The data now shows a remarkable improvement in site engagement with content.

·      KDAD team constantly learns user habits, information and knowledge needs by asking webinar participants “can we contact you for an interview?” in exit polls. The interviews have helped them capture how content is used and applied.

·      KDAD will redesign their site, which will feature a more robust taxonomy that aligns with the Feed the Future agenda and language. The site will also alleviate barriers to entry, requesting less user information at sign in. The site will be able to generate content for the user according to their information and knowledge needs.

·      Adobe Eloqua is used to link users to platform engagement. Email addresses are used to assign unique IDs. Team created a scorecard to analyze user actions based on website behavior. Tiers of engagement include inactive, active, collaborative, and champion. The goal here is deepen engagement and convert users into champions.

·      Looking forward, the team will look into measuring the strength of the community, provide trouble shooting in technical areas, match Twitter handles to emails, continue to focus on integrating mobile in to the strategy, and explaining the value in signing up for the site.

·      Data collected is reviewed for course correction in tactics on a monthly basis. Klipfolio is referenced in monthly meetings held in after-action review format. Content of meetings focus primarily on content management and engagement.

2:00PM – 2:45PM

Communication for Disaster Risk Management Communities

• Erika Vargas, Knowledge Management Officer, World Bank

·      The World Bank changed its mission, which in turn, had implications for all operations and management. The presentation focused on the implications the managerial changes had on communication and knowledge management, focusing on sharing information from country to county. The World Bank focus is primarily on becoming a “solutions bank” and requires flow of expert knowledge.

·      The World Banks is operates as a network of 14 practices and 5 cross-cutting areas. Operating in a network requires teams to be aware of connections and interactions.

·      As a knowledge management officer, Erika works in partnership with communication teams. She provides the communication team with data and information to format and create compelling stories. The content the communication teams develop is used the Disaster Risk Management team to set the tone for meetings, or provide busy decision makers with digestible information. Monitoring results of content developed for government officials is difficult, as they are in need of consultation. The content developed is used as an aide to open discussion.

o  Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change

o  The Story of One Thousand Earthquakes

·      After the earthquake in Nepal, her team was able to crowd source technical content and best practices to aid the rebuilding effort using Spark and Jive The network that was in place was key to giving the team the ability to facilitate communication. All the key players were already well connected.

2:45PM – 3:30PM

The Making of

• Kelly Ramundo, Legislative and Public Affairs, USAID

·      “Make me Cave” by Andrew Stanton on shared to illustrate the importance of bridging the gap between data and results

·      Value in our work is expressed through human-centered stories.

·      When collecting human-centered stories, spend time with interview subjects. Learn their routine, what they want for their children, what happens after they wake up.

·      The target audience for are American Millennials that are not familiar with USAID. The goal is help them understand the value of their tax dollars. Secondary audiences include Congress and press.

·      USAID/LPA is using Exposure as their storytelling platform.

·      Guidance on pitching content is available.

3:30PM – 4:00PM

Resource share by HIPNet members AOB; Discussion Topics; Next meeting

·      The second version of the DHS mobile app has been released with new features.

·      There is a new course on Data Visualization

·      MSH CIOPs program is revisiting their social media strategy on antimicrobial resistance

·      MSH LMG for Health is using

·      PRB released the 2015 World Population Data Sheet and has a new mobile app.

·      PRB/IDEA project recently held an end of project event for decision makers on family planning in the post-2015 world

· is awaiting approval for official launch. Site designed mobile first

·      SHOPS project will hold a virtural end of project event Oct 14-21

·      Jhpiego/Maternal and Child Survival Program designed a new job aid to advance newborn health.

·      Abt Associates and the Diarrhea and Pneumonia Working Group of the UN Commission on Lifesaving MCH Commodities developed a set of pneumonia materials (posters, fliers, training deck for front-line workers and caregiver story) to encourage early careseeking. All source files will be shared

·      FANTA developed an introduction to nutrition e-learning course

·      PRB released a Population Bulletin titled “India Approaches Replacement Fertility”

·       Secure Nutrition will be making content available for partners. Website to be relaunched in coming months

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