Health Information and Publications Network (HIPNET) HIPNet Publication Planning Meeting Notes October 27th 2004

USAID Updates
New, Upcoming, and Planned Publications Collaboration Exercise
HIV/FP Integration
Medical Libraries Mailing List Update
Joint Warehousing and Distribution Update:
HIPNet – HIFNet Collaboration
Other Business/Next Meeting Date

Sandra Jordan took some time to explain the USAID work-plan review process with the group. She began by saying that although each CTO deals with the work-plan review differently, there is a move to put a process in place that would standardize procedures for all CTOs.
The schedule for submission of work-plans for the 2005-2006 year (roughly) is:
Mid January: Rough draft
March: Honing in period and finalizing the work plan.

Sandra had a few tips and suggestions for the next work-plan:

  • Get your bosses on board with you early
  • Try to get both the technical and publication people in your organization together
  • Address the quantity of materials you are producing and see if there are overlapping areas
  • If your organization is often asked to produce ad-hoc materials/publications to address CTO demands, include this in the work-plan. A few questions you can answer:
    • How many publications were you asked to produce by your CTO (that were not in the original work-plan)?
    • How often/frequently are you required to produce publications for which you receive no additional funding?
    • How do you fund publications for which you get no additional funding?

New, Upcoming, and Planned Publications Collaboration Exercise
At this meeting, we conducted an exercise to share information about our own work-planning and potential publications for next year.

Attendees were provided with post-it notes on which they were to write the following information (or as much of the following that they knew):

  • Name of their CA
  • Audience
  • Partners
  • Topic Area or Title of Publication
  • A star (*) to indicate whether this publication will be completed in this fiscal year (i.e. by June 2005)
  • Type of Publication (of the list below):
    • Case Studies/Project Reports/Lessons Learned
    • Policy/Advocacy
    • Synthesis/Research Summaries/Review Articles/Opinion
    • Training Materials/Checklists/Guides/Tools

We then took some time to post our publications and ideas on the wall according to the type of publication, so that the other participants could browse the lists to look for collaboration opportunities, and possible areas of overlap. Potential collaborations were noted.

The lists of publications have been compiled, again according to the “types” listed above. For 2004-2005 publications please go here and for publications planned for 2005-2006 please go here.

If your organization did not participate in the meeting, there is still time to get your input. Send information about your upcoming and planned publications (for this workplan year or the upcoming one) to Peggy D’Adamo at by Nov. 30th. We’ll revise the lists and send them out so that we can all use them during work planning.

If you see a publication that seems to overlap with something you planned to do, contact the organization and talk about how you can collaborate.

FP/HIV Integration Update
The consultant’s summary report and needs assessment is now available.

From the report:
What program people want are synthesis publications, review articles, and lessons learned. They also want shorter publications, and asked that longer publications come with executive summaries that are three pages or less.

On November 17th, the Internal USAID FP/HIV integration working group is meeting. Representatives are needed to represent HIPNet at this meeting, to describe what we can offer the group, and how we fit into the picture, and the Network integration series. Contact Peggy D’Adamo ( if you’d like to participate.

Sandra and Nomi Fuchs (from the FP/HIV integration working group) have also talked about the following:

  • Joint publication series with OHA
  • A Joint document for World AIDS Day (December 1st)
  • OGAC- Office of General AIDS Counsel
  • Editorial guidelines
  • Scrutinizing the consultant’s needs assessment and getting OHA buy-in for this assessment. A second round of needs assessments can then be conducted with OHA suggestions.

The other idea up for discussion was INFO’s proposal that it plans to hire a consultant to build an online database of FP/HIV integration resources, and publish a print version that includes excerpts from “must-read” publications on this topic area.

Libraries Mailing List Update:
So far the mailing list contains lists of libraries grouped by language preference:

A letter has been drafted by Patricia Klotsky of PATH that will be sent out to a group of libraries first. We will require that we receive a response from each library that would like to receive materials before anything is sent out.

CAs need to think about what they would like to send, to what libraries/countries/on what topics etc. These details need to be ironed out. We may not be able to send different materials to different libraries based on criteria other than language.

Joint Warehousing and Distribution Update:
So far Georgetown and Horizons (along with INFO) have expressed interest in this idea. We have received positive feedback from other organizations that have used this courier previously. We need one or two more organizations’ buy-in to create the volume needed to get the discount, so please continue to pitch this to your distribution people.

HIFNet/HIPNet Collaboration
HIFNet is the Health Information Forum at WHO, and they hold regular meetings to discuss various health topics.

Possible area of collaboration are:

  • A joint conference in a developing country
  • Conducting a global review of RH/HIV/AIDS at the community level. This could be published in the BMJ.
  • AMWA/Advance Africa/FHI-what we know about information needs/factors that influence access

Other Business:
Xhosa/Zulu translators needed

Next Meeting:
Next Meeting-Wednesday January 26th 2005
Time and Place: TBA