How to’s, summaries of tools, literature reviews, etc.

Love Your Data: Resources for learning & loving data visualization

Resources for data visualization

This handout is from the presentation by from Amanda Buenz Makulec, Monitoring & Evaluation
Associate at John Snow Inc. and Libby Skolnik, Measurement, Learning & Evaluation (MLE) Project
and KM Project Manager, KM Unit, JHU∙CCP – “The Wide World of Data Visualization” at the July 17,
2013 HIPNet meeting hosted by JSI. Other information is below.

Links from our Prezi—The Wide World of Data Visualization:

In-Country Knowledge Hubs


Notes from the discussion on In-Country Knowledge Hubs from the Knowledge Café, HIPNet Meeting,
January 17, 2013 by Lani Marquez, URC and Patrcia Mantey, FHI 360. The question was: How can we
support the creation and maintenance of in-country knowledge hubs?

E-Newsletter Best Practices


This resource on E-Newsletter Best Practices is from the discussion at the Knowledge Café, HIPNet
Meeting, January 17, 2013, facilitated and compiled by Liz Nugent, Health Systems 20/20 Abt

HIPNet Knowledge Café Guidance


This guidance, created by Lani Marquez of URC, describes how to hold a Knowledge Café.

USAID’s Editing and Style Guide for submissions


USAID’s editing and style guide for submissions to Telling Our Story, FRONTLINES and Impact Blog,
shared by Kelly Ramundo and Rudy Gharib of USAID at the September 13, 2012 meeting.

USAID’s FRONTLINES Story Guidelines


Story guidelines for USAID’s FRONTLINES, presented by Kelly Ramundo of USAID at the September 13,
2012 meeting.

USAID’s Impact Blog Submission Guidelines


Guidelines to submit to USAID’s Impact Blog, presented by Rudi Gharib of USAID at the September 13

USAID’s Transforming Lives Submission Guidance


Guidance from USAID on submitting for their new Transforming Lives (former Telling Our Story)
publication provided by Kelly Ramundo at the September 13, 2012 meeting.

USAID’s FRONTLINES Submission Guidelines


Submission guidelines for USAID’s FRONTLINES publication, provided by Kelly Ramundo, USAID, at the
September 13, 2012 meeting.

Video Project Planning Sheet, Nightlight Productions


Sample Video Project Planning Sheet, provided by Erica Rothman, Videographer at Nightlight
Productions, at the June 15, 2012 HIPNet meeting.