Reproductive Health Materials Working Group Materials in Print and Forthcoming Titles May 22, 1996

Population Reference Bureau

  • Men and Family Planning in Africa
    by Farzaneh Roudi and Lori Ashford, 1996. This chartbook examines male participation in family planning in Africa, with concise commentary on 18 charts and detailed discussions of young men, male contraceptive technology, HIV/AIDS, and vasectomy. (IMENAFCHT) $5.00
  • Men: Partners in Reproductive Health
    by Jeanne Noble and PRB staff, 1996. (Available in English, French, Spanish)
    A colorful poster depicting a family that identifies the barriers to male involvement in reproductive health and approaches to overcoming these barriers. In four different versions: English adapted for Africa, English for Asia, French for Francophone Africa, and Spanish for Latin America. (IMENPOSTE) $5.00
  • International Migration: A Global Challenge
    by Philip Martin and Jonas Widgren, 1996. International migration is at an all-time high, and many demographic and economic factors indicate there will be more immigration in coming decades. This Bulletin examines the forces behind international immigration and why this issue has jumped to the forefront of policy agendas in many countries. (BUL51.1) $7.00
  • New Dimensions of U.S. Poverty
    by William P. O’Hare. This report explodes many common myths about America’s nearly 40 million poor: who they are, how they differ from other Americans, how long they stay poor, and how dependent they are on welfare. The author also examines how factors such as education, immigration status, and neighborhood affect the likelihood of falling into poverty. (BUL51.2) $7.00