Reproductive Health Materials Working Group New Materials and Works in Progress January 26, 1996


  • PocketGuide for Family Planning Service Providers The second edition of the PocketGuide will be published in March of 1996. The new edition incorporates the latest WHO medical eligibility criteria as well as the Technical Guidance Working Group’s recommendations. Information has also been added on Combined Injectable Contraceptives. The first edition of the PocketGuide is now available in French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.
  • Service Delivery Guidelines for Family Planning Programs
    This is a new document which provides need-to-know family planning and reproductive health information in a simple format. The information in the Guidelines complements that in JHPIEGO’s PocketGuide. It will also be used as a model for countries in which national standards are being developed. The English version is expected in March of 1996.
  • Clinical Training Skills for Reproductive Health Professionals
    This reference manual is designed for the expert service provider who wishes to become a clinical trainer. It focuses on the essential areas of clinical skills training including creating a positive training climate, coaching in the clinical setting, conducting classroom and clinical demonstrations, training with models, using competency-based knowledge and skills assessments, presenting illustrated lectures and conducting a clinical training course. The English edition was published in 1995. The French edition will be available in March of 1996; the Portuguese in May of 1996 and the Spanish in July of 1996.
  • Advanced Training Skills for Reproductive Health Professionals
    This reference manual is intended for use by medical, nursing and other health professional faculty and family planning trainers who are responsible for assessing training needs and designing, teaching and evaluating reproductive health training courses. It emphasizes a participatory training approach, and is based on adult learning principles and the use of competency-based knowledge and skill assessments. Available in English in late 1996.
  • Postabortion Care: A Reference Manual for Improving Quality of Care
    (Postabortion Care Consortium)
    This manual, produced by the Postabortion Care Consortium, provides clinicians with essential information on the safe and effective management of incomplete abortion and the life-threatening complications of unsafe abortion. The manual outlines the full range of activities needed to provide appropriate, high-quality postabortion care, including family planning and referral to health care services needed after emergency treatment. The material in this manual is arranged sequentially according to the usual way in which patients are cared for starting with the initial assessment of their condition and ending with the provision of followup care, including family planning and other reproductive health services. French, Spanish and Portuguese versions of this manual will be published in August of 1996.