Reproductive Health Materials Working Group New Materials and Works in Progress January 26, 1996

FPMD Project, MSH

New Publications

  • Family Planning Management Terms: A Pocket Glossary in Three Languages, a comprehensive glossary of 400 cross-referenced terms and definitions in English, Spanish, and French developed and used in FPMD’s two primary publications The Family Planning Manager series, and The Family Planning Manager’s Handbook. The glossary is a useful reference for family planning managers and helps to promote a common working vocabulary among managers around the world.
  • The Family Planning Manager’s Handbook Bangla Edition, translated and edited by the Local Initiatives Program (LIP) in Bangladesh. LIP staff translated and provided camera-ready copy of the text, production assistance was provided by the FPMD publications unit. Five thousand copies were printed for distribution throughout Bangladesh.
  • The Family Planning Manager’s Handbook is now available in English, French, Spanish, and Bangla.
  • The Family Planning Manager bi-monthly series: Volumes I through IV comprise 22 issues and supplements and are all available in English, French, and Spanish.
  • LIP Management Series developed in collaboration with staff of the Local Initiatives Program, is a series of six manuals used in LIP management training activities to assist the thana team members in developing Action Plans, conducting volunteer and fieldworker training, implementing program planning workshops, and completing progress and financial reports. The series is available in English and Bangla.
  • LIP Video, developed in collaboration with LIP staff and the Asia/Near East Unit, “Initiatives” is a vivid and powerful account of the Local Initiatives Program (LIP) in Bangladesh. Through the testimony of women volunteers, family planning users, and local leaders, this video shows the impact on the lives of the people involved in and assisted by this community-managed program. “Initiatives” is available in English, Bangla, and French on a loan basis. Running time is 15 minutes.
  • LIP Slide Show, developed in collaboration with LIP staff and the Asia/Near East Unit, the LIP slide Show is a 45-minute 60-slide modularized presentation with an accompanying script detailing the challenges facing the Bangladesh National Family Planning Program and the work of the Local Initiatives Program. The slide show can be used as an overview of the LIP or as a management training tool. The script is available in English and Bangla.

If you are interested in receiving a library copy of any of these publications or would like copies sent to your local counterparts overseas, please contact William Antebi in FPMD Publications at (617) 527-9202 or at Note: the LIP Video and Slide Show are currently available only a loan basis.

Publications in Progress

  • The Family Planning Manager: Issues currently underway include issues on:Improving Customer Service in Family Planning Clinics;Accessing and Using Internet Resources to Improve Family Planning Services. Projected issues include:Using National Survey Data at the Local Level (Title TBD)Participatory Evaluation for Family Planning Programs (Title TBD)
  • The Family Planning Manager’s Handbook: Arabic edition is currently in progress, Portuguese and Swahili projected.
  • The Electronic Family Planning Manager: The E-FPM will be Internet-accessible editions of all past and current issues of The Family Planning Manager series. Plans are underway to mirror FPMD publications on the Web with E-mail-accessible editions.