Population and Health Materials Working Group Materials in Print and Forthcoming Titles May 9, 1997

New Materials from Pathfinder International and Focus on Young Adults Program

Pathfinder International

Comprehensive Reproductive Health and Family Planning Training Curriculum

15 modules are planned. Three of the modules are available now:

  • Family Planning and the Health of Women and Children and Overview of Family Planning Methods
  • Infection Prevention
  • Emergency Contraceptive Pills

For copies contact:

Douglas Huber, Cathy Solter or Penelope Riseborough
Pathfinder International
9 Galen Street
Watertown, MA 02172
617-924-7100 (phone); 617-924-3833 (fax)

Focus on Young Adults Program

In Focus
A two-page publication series will be available in June. Issues to be covered include:

  • Youth Friendly Services
  • Anemia and Youth
  • Conducting a Focus Group with Young People
  • Hospital-Based Programs
  • Outreach Programs
  • Youth Involvement
  • Skills-Building Programs

In Focus issues to be prepared in the future include:

  • Family Life Education
  • Evaluation Methods
  • STD/HIV Programs
  • Media Programs
  • Program Planning
  • The Experience with Youth Policy
  • Involving Parents
  • Counseling
  • Assessing Current Policy Concerning Youth
  • Married Youth

Key Elements for Young Adult Reproductive Health
To be available in July 1997

  • Health Facility: Reproductive Health Care Programs for Young Adults
  • Outreach Reproductive Health Care Programs for Young Adults
  • Promoting Reproductive Health Care Programs for Young Adults Through Schools
  • Social Marketing and Media Communications Programs for Young Adult Reproductive Health: A Review of Trends and Practices