Reproductive Health Materials Working Group New Materials and Works in Progress May 22, 1996

Family Health International

New Materials

Contraceptive Technology Update Series – Modules

  • Injectables (Russian – February 1996, with funding from Upjohn)
  • IUDs (Spanish and French)
    Modules include slides, narrative and handouts for presentations to health professionals and policymakers on contraceptive methods/issues. Contact Carol Smith for ordering information.

Network – Quarterly Publication

  • Intrauterine Devices
    English — Winter 1996
    Spanish — Winter 1996
    French — Winter 1996
  • Barrier Methods
    English — Spring 1996

Summary Reports/Proceedings/Other

  • Women’s Studies
    Kritz M, Gurak D. The Impact of Family Planning on Women in Nigeria and Malaysia. Series of working papers prepared for the Women’s Studies Project by Cornell University. Published and distributed.
    Contact Juan Carlos Reinoso to be added to Women’s Studies mailing

Works In Progress

Contraceptive Technology Update Series – Modules

  • Barrier Methods (English – June 1996;
    Spanish and French – September 1996)
  • Oral Contraceptives (English- July 1996;
    Spanish and French – October 1996)Includes slides, narrative and handouts for presentations to health professionals and policymakers on contraceptive methods/issues.

Expert Slide Sets

  • Translations of Volume I: MAQ, General, DMPA, IUDs and COCs (Spanish and French – Fall 1996)
  • New topic: Recommendations for Updating Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Methods and Selected Practices/Procedures for Contraceptive Use (an introductory presentation about the WHO Eligibility Criteria and the Technical Guidance Working Group Guidelines)

Network – Quarterly Publication

  • Barrier Methods
    French and Spanish release expected early Summer
  • Oral Contraceptives
    English release expected Summer
    French and Spanish release expected Fall
  • Fertility Awareness
    English release expected Fall
    French and Spanish release expected Winter

Summary Reports/Proceedings/Other
Women’s Studies

  • Barnett B, Eggleston E, Jackson J, Hardee K. A Case Study of the Program for Adolescent Mothers in Jamaica. At press. Distribution in June.
  • David R. A Case Study of the Women’s Health Care Foundation in the Philippines. Under preparation.
  • Hardee K, Yount K. From Rhetoric to Reality: Delivering Reproductive Health Promises through Integrated Programs. Women’s Studies Working Paper. Originally published 1995. At press for reprinting.
  • Hardee K, Huq N, Khuda B, McMahan J, Haque Y, McCloskey R. Investigating quality of care and access to removal of Norplant during the clinical and pre-introductory trials in Bangladesh. In progress; being considered for publication in Reproductive Health Matters.
  • Schuler S, Hashemi S, Cullum A, Hassan M. The Advent of Family Planning as a Social Norm in Bangladesh: Women’s Experiences. Secondary analysis supported by the Women’s Studies Project. Paper submitted to Reproductive Health Matters. Scheduled for publication June.
  • Villinski M, Hardee K, Ulin P. Men and Family Planning. Draft under preparation.
  • Viswanathan M, Bisgrove E, Miles-Doan R. A Framework for the Analysis of the Impact of Family Planning on Women’s Income. Women’s Studies Working Paper. Draft has been prepared. To be published later this year.
  • WSP Newsletter. Draft prepared. Publication in June.

Russian Translations of Scientific Articles (available Fall 1996)

  • Chi I-C. The Safety and Efficacy Issues of Progestin-Only Oral Contraceptive: An Epidemiologic Perspective. Contraception, January 1993.
  • Chi I-C. The Tcu-380A (AG), MLCu-375, and Nova-T IUDs and the IUDv Daily Releasing 20mcg Levongestrel: Four Pillars of IUD Contraception for the Nineties and Beyond? Contraception, April 1993.
  • Fathalla, M. New Contraceptive Methods and Reproductive Health. Demographic and Programmatic Consequences of Contraceptive Innovations, Plenum Press, 1989, p. 153-175.
  • Williamson N, Thapa S, Balogh S, Seidman M, Horn MC. Introducing New Methods, Popularizing Available Methods, and Encouraging Correct Use and Continuation. Operations Research: Helping Family Planning Programs Work Better, Wiley-Liss, Inc., 1991
  • Zhang J, Feldblum P, Chi I-C, Farr G. Risk Factors for Copper T IUD Explosion: An Epidemiological Analysis. Contraception, November 1992.