Population & Health Materials Working Group October 9, 2002

New and Forthcoming Materials

Advance Africa:

  • Best Practices Compendium available on web and CD
  • Wants feedback on products

Advocates for Youth: Forthcoming Materials

  • Rational and Best Practice: Youth-Adult Partnership Formation
  • Cyber Cafés: Improving Access to Information for Youth in High Risk Situations
  • Taking charge: An Overview of the Community Participation for Youth Reproductive and Sexual Health Program in Burkina Faso.


EngenderHealth: – Newly published

  • Youth-Friendly Services: A Manual for Service Providers
  • Contraceptive Sterilization: Global Issues and Trends

EngenderHealth: – In Development

  • Informed choice family planning toolkit
  • No-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) curriculum (new edition)
  • No-scalpel vasectomy (NSV) illustrated guide (new edition)

Environmental Health Project (EHP)

Family Health International (FHI) Institute for HIV/AIDS

FANTA Project

  • Complete list of recent publications

FRONTIERS/Population Council

Intrah, PrimeII:

  • Transfer of Learning Guide
  • Prime Voices Stories and Prime Pages
  • Distance Learning Guide–Making It Happen
  • Overview of Training and Learning
  • Small illustrated booklets on family planning in French, Arabic, and local Senegalese language


  • Complete list of recent publications
  • Advocacy guide on skills building for access to safe abortion
  • New video on expanding role of midlevel providers in post abortion care
  • Improving safe abortion practices in Ethiopia
  • Dialog series has new issues
  • Policy factsheet on advocacy for women’s health
  • Compilation on MVA for postabortion care
  • 13 new factsheets
  • new pub on IPAS’ vision and programs worldwide
  • Guide to Providing Abortion Care


  • Training: Best Practices, Lessons Learned and Future Directions. Conference CD-ROM
  • Care of Women With HIV Living in Limited-Resource Settings: ReproLearn(r) Tutorials (CD-ROM)
  • Reproductive Health Online (ReproLine(r)) with ReproLearn(r) Tutorials (CD-ROM Version)(Updated Quarterly)
  • New pubs brochure
  • Preservice Implementation Guide
  • Transfer of Learning Guide
  • Manual on managing complications in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Manual on managing newborn care


  • Population Reports – Future Issues in Preparation
  • What’s New on Youth and AIDS in the Media Materials Clearinghouse
  • List of videos on Youth and AIDS
  • New CD of MMC materials



  • New issue of the Manager on TB Drug Management
  • Compendium of recent issues of The Manager
  • CD and Web versions of 2 distance learning courses for Bolivia
  • CD and Web versions of virtual leadership course for 8 countries
  • Updated price guide indicator


  • Complete list of recent publications
  • Reproductive Health and Rights: Reaching the Hardly Reached
  • What’s In A Game? An Evaluation of Two Sexuality Education Board Games: Safari of Life and Young Man’s Journey.
  • Cervical cancer report on status of screening technologies
  • 12 new fact sheets

PHR+ Project:

  • New glossary on website
  • Newsletter on activities
  • Primer for policymakers

POLICY Project

  • POLICY Issues in Planning and Finance: No. 1 Policy Aspects of Achieving Contraceptive Security (May 2002). Available in English, French, Spanish.
  • POLICY Issues in Planning and Finance: No. 2 Setting Priorities in Reproductive Health: Lessons Learned (English, French, Spanish).
  • MNPI: Maternal and Neonatal Program Effort Index: new series on maternal and neonatal health programs.
  • Coming Together, Caring Together: A Reprot on the Communities Responding to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic (CORE) Initiative, January 2001-June 2002.
  • State of the Art: AIDS and Economics
  • POLICY Occasional Paper Series: No. 8 Completing the Demographic Transition in Developing Countries

Population Council/Horizons:

  • Designing HIV/AIDS Intervention Studies
  • MSM in Senegal
  • CD of pubs on HIV/AIDS
  • Populations Briefs on HIV/AIDS
  • Dominican Republic Study on maternal mortality

Population Reference Bureau, MEASURE Communication Project

  • Complete list of recent publications
    Recently released publications:
  • New Perspectives on Quality of Care (series of policy briefs in collaboration with Population Council)
  • Family Planning Worldwide wall chart
  • Meeting the Reproductive Health Needs of Displaced People – policy brief
  • Hidden Suffering: Disabilities From Pregnancy and Childbirth – policy brief
  • Making the Link: Population, Health and Environment – wall chart
  • World Population Data Sheet 2002
  • Series of policy briefs on population issues in the Middle East & North Africa (Ford Foundation funding)Forthcoming in 2002/03:
  • Gender and Health in the Americas, data sheet in collaboration with PAHO
  • Additional briefs on quality of care (adolescents, costs)
  • Policy brief on maternal nutrition
  • Policy brief on health sector reform (in collaboration with the PHR project)
  • Policy brief on unmet need for family planning
  • Tentative: Data sheet on inequality in reproductive health (RH indicators by wealth quintile)

Quality Assurance Project:

  • Vendor to vendor education on malaria in private and public sectors
  • Standards and developments in health care training course

Sara Project:

  • MTCT of HIV in Africa Guide
  • HIV and Nutrition Guides
  • Self Evaluation Guide for Health Practitioners
  • Nutrition Briefs for Africa
  • Note: Sara Project did a survey of who can and will use CDs in Africa and found a positive response. Many managers there would like to receive CDs.