The Next HIPNet Meeting – March 20, 2015

Laura Raney and I are excited for the next HIPNet meeting. HIPNet will be joined by a panel to discuss USAID’s data policy and how HIPNet helps support data sharing so that is treated as development capital that serves global good. Additionally, USAID will lead us in a discussion on presentating research findings effectively to USAID audiences.

I personally find this meeting interesting because data’s value cannot be realized, after being transformed into information then knowledge, if not communicated effectively. As most of us know, fact-based decisions are made, action is taken, and the value of data is realized when information and knowledge is well communicated.

The HIPNet meeting will be held at 1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW. Details on the exact location and how to RSVP will be sent in the coming weeks.

The HIPNet meeting will begin at noon with a brown bag networking luncheon and will end with a report out on interesting activities we’re working on, information we’d like assistance sharing, and information products we’ve recently produced.

HIPNet will be joined by:

Brandon Pustejovsky (bpushed), USAID Chief Data Officer – USAID Data Policy Overview – Brandon is taking your questions! Review the policy and post your questions you have directives, procedures, etc. before March 10 below.

Donna Medeiros, Global Health Informatics Advisor – How informatics and communication intersect.

John Liebhardt (@jliebhardt), IntraHealth Digital Knowledge Management Advisor – How organizational data management aids communication

Jane Silcock (@janesilcock), USAID Public Affairs Advisor – Communication channels and developing your pitch

Amani Saliem, USAID Evaluation Technical Advisor – Presentation of findings

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